eTopUp - Topup your mobile on the web by your credit card!

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Mobile top up by a few clicks!
Pay your mobile invoice via Internet with your credit card.
Now, you can pay your
mobile phone invoice
on a conveninet way using
your credit card on the web.
Settle your mobile invoice via
Internet in a convenient way.
Settle your Yettel. mobile invoice via Internet in a convenient way. You can choose between full and partial invoice settlement.
The transaction is considered as a bank
card purchase, thus no extra fees are charged.
There are no any hidden expenses.
You must pay only the usual amount
which anywhere else payable for
the balance charging and you will obtain
any bonuses if possible!
Please enter the mobile number you would like to topup and select the desired amount. You will be forwarded to the secure payment pages of SimplePay. then where you can give your credit card information directly to the bank. Confirming the payment at the credit card capture page the bank charges your credit card. After the payment confirmation, your mobile balance will be recharged with the chosen amount in a few seconds. Topup is a credit card shopping, there is no extra charge on your payment.
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Please call Yettel. customer service at 1220 if you need a VAT receipt of your purchase.
Please call Telekom customer service at 1777 if you need a VAT receipt of your purchase.
  * Price includes 27% VAT